Monday, May 4, 2009

The Benefits and profits of Building your own House from us

  1. Our chartered architects and Vastu specialist will design a house in such a way that would bring you mental happiness, family harmony and good health.
  2. When the foundation stone is set according to your birth time it will bring prosperity in terms of financial success, prosperity in terms of social behavior and Job status will be improved for the family members. harmony among relationships will also improve.
  3. Construction of your house can be commenced once you pay a percentage of the total value of the house.
  4. When you build a house there shall be no stamp duty and income tax (tax free-tax files will not be open) expenses.
  5. 20 year gaurantee for the structure will be given by.
  6. You can build an interest free house despite the installment schemes available with us.
  7. Profits can be earned by building a house with us and reselling it for a higher profit to the buyers that Vajira House will find for you free of charge.

Company Overview

No other company in Sri anka has this tremendous depth of knowledge in the field of construction like we have. This advantage we possess, in reality, is your strength. Way back in 1915 when British rulers were governing our country,one capable enterprising young man by the name of Charles Fernando, the grand father of the present Chairman began working along with the British construction companies of that time as he was a capable and keen person who was able to win the confidence of the British Engineers.

This dependability in him paved the way for his son, C.U. Fernando to subsequently join his father in the construction arena and form his own Company, namely C.U. Fernando Co. and this firm was one of the seven building construction firms that was recognised by the British to submit tenders for any amount to the public work department of the day. In time, he surpassed the already admired capabilities of his father. This factor is clearly evident by the gesture of the discerning British authorities who entrusted him with building prestigious projects of construction of Police Dept. Head Quarters at Fort, Air Force base at Katunayake and the Kalubowila Government Hospital, just to name a few.

He had the habit of taking and showing around the various projects to his son the present Chairman Mr.Saman Fernando. However, C.U. Fernando passed away at a rather young age in his late forties, thereby leaving his son Saman who was 17 years old to carry on the family tradition, which he is doing with distinction. He continued carrying on the business under the name of Vajira House Builders more than 30 years ago. He is being assisted by his daughter Shirmila Fernando now - the fourth generation over 90 years. Already several of her concepts are being constructed by Vajira House Builders.

Introducing an island wide engineering network Vajira House has put a step further in the industry. This is a unique strength - at your disposal, for your immense benefit which no other construction company can even offer as they have done solid and quality constructions for 91 years and are nearing the century mark.